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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

50.5 Miles from hotel
Located on Cannery Row, Monterey Bay Aquarium highlights over 35,000 plants and animals from around the world and showcases marine life in Monterey Bay.
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Location

Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Prices
    Daily pass starts at $39.95 per adult and $24.95 per child (ages 3-12).
  • Hours
    Open every day except Christmas Day. Hours vary.
  • Events
    • Sea Otter Conservation Tour
    • Aquarium Sleepovers
    • Underwater Explorers
  • Activities
    • Exhibits
    • Tours
    • Feedings
    • Daily Shows
    • Family Activities

Traveler's Insights

Does the aquarium have live feeding events?

Yes. Feeding Frenzy is a private event that includes a special viewing of the otter feeding and training session. See where and how the food is prepared, then roll up your sleeves and serve it to the animals.

What kind of tours does the Monterey Bay Aquarium offer?

Monterey Bay Aquarium offers several tours and adventures for all ages, like Personal Guided Tours, Feeding Frenzy, Behind-the-Scenes, Family Tour, Jellies Tour, and Shark Tour.